Volunteer Opportunities

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Volunteers give the State Park System invaluable assistance. Many of the programs and services regularly provided by the Department of Parks and Recreation would not be possible without the help and dedication of volunteers.

Volunteer participation continues to be a major asset and benefit, not only to the Park and the Riverside community, but also to the volunteers themselves. The experience provides an opportunity to utilize one’s talents and develop new skills in such areas as communications, public relations, historical interpretation, research, and restoration of artifacts. As a volunteer, there are opportunities to learn about the Citrus Park, its resources and about the State Park System.

Through new knowledge and insight, volunteers carry the State Parks’ mission into the community as ‘Ambassadors of Goodwill.’ Volunteering can provide career exploration, work experience and future references for job or college. It is not the intent of the Volunteers in Park (VIP) Program that volunteers replace or supplant paid employees. New volunteers are always welcome to participate in the VIP Program.


To help supplement and extend the activities of the Park Rangers

To contribute to the comfort and pleasure of the visitors

To provide a link between the Park and the community

To work together in mutually supportive relationships for better service