The Friends have enrolled in the following community partnership programs. Each one offers customers and/or account holders the option of selecting the Friends as a charity that the organization will donate towards. These programs have no cost to you, and if you name the Friends as a beneficiary, we will receive additional funding to support the Park.

Provident Bank makes donations to local non-profit organizations through their Community Partnership Program. As a supporter who has a Provident Bank account, you can link your account to the Citrus Park as your favorite non-profit by calling (951) 686-6060. Provident Bank recognizes us by our formal name, California Citrus State Historic Park Non-Profit Management Corporation. At the end of each year, Provident Bank will make a donation based upon the balance of the individual accounts.

Do you have a Ralphs Rewards Card? If so, we encourage our supporters to register their Ralphs Rewards Card here with our organization name, “CA Citrus State Historic Park NPMC.” Each time a supporter shops for groceries and swipes their card, we automatically start earning a rebate.

Do you have a car, boat, airplane, or RV that you might donate to the Citrus Park? The process is easy and straightforward! Go to, click the “Find a Nonprofit” button, and find the Friends of California Citrus Park and follow the directions. You can also call (855) 500-7433 to complete the process.