The picnic area is typical of parks during the post World War I progressive period. The spirit of public parks at the turn of the 19th century was peaceful and natural, favoring passive recreational activities such as strolling and family picnicking. Visitors feel as if they were in a park designed by Olmstead, Calvert Vaux or H.W. S. Cleveland where as much of the modern world as possible is screened out and features are as historically appropriate as modern realities will allow.

This picnic area provides large turf areas, picnic sites, a comfort station, group and individual barbecue facilities, interpretive exhibits, and parking. An outdoor amphitheater and attached interpretive center provide excellent facilities for small open-air presentations and a backdrop for summer concerts and other events.

The area also features the Sunkist Center adjacent Orange Court, Gazebo and rose garden which are ideal settings for celebrations, weddings, and meetings. For more information, visit or contact CCEM Inc. at (951) 515-6689.