What is Citrus Greening?


There is a pest called the Asian citrus psyllid, which can infect and damage citrus trees. Once a tree is infected, there is no treatment. It has had devastating impacts on citrus in Florida and to a certain extent in Texas, and is known to be spreading in California.  The disease spread by the psyllid is known as citrus greening or Huanglongbing (HLB).

Fortunately, there are successful methods for treating trees to protect them from the psyllid and thereby minimize the spread of the disease.

Commercial citrus industries already treat their trees, which protect a significant amount of the citrus in California. However, in order to effectively contain the psyllid, it is extremely important that homeowners with citrus trees also take protective measures.

Following are some links to resources about Citrus Greening and recent developments in the research for developing future citrus trees that are resistant to the effects of the pysllid.

Many pest control services and home garden supply stores can provide information to individuals wanting to protect their trees.

Please join us in preserving the citrus in our region!

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